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updated 06.02.2017 20:59:59 (UTC +3)
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  • TIC: 0
  • number of mirrors of the domain: no
  • DMOZ:
    a site to the Open Directory Project


  • Favicon: no
  • Total images:
    Number Kalinak is determined by the img tag
  • Images without title or alt:
    the Presence of these attributes, provided that they are unique and readable, you can promote your website such as in the issuance of Yandex.Symbols.
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    images with no src attribute
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  • Headers:
    <h1> - avisos de miles de webs en sólo una búsqueda
    <h36> - nuestros buscadores
    descarga la aplicación
  • title:
    the page Title in the browser. Must be specified. Affect the ranking of key.
    buscador de carros usados, vehículos seminuevos - trovit
  • keywords: no
  • description: buscador de carros usados en colombia.


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  • Alexa Rank: 59 133
  • Yandex.Metric: no
  • Google Analytics: no
  • LiveInternet: no


  • Number of links to domain : 535
  • Number of donors (total): 47
  • Number of recipients (domains referenced by this host): 61
  • Number of anchors found: 281
  • Number of outgoing anchor: 450
  • iGood donors (LinkPad): 10585/71031
  • The number of referring subnets: 10

Server Information

  • Status page: 200
  • 404 Page:
    the Proper handling of 404 pages that will help to avoid duplicates.
  • www:
    the availability of the site with the www prefix. The archaism, however, is used by many top sites.
  • Domains on this ip address:
    The Number of domains used on 1 ip address. The value does not affect the ranking.
  • SSL:
    you have an ssl connection is a ranking factor for example in Google. For sites working with personal data of users, such as online shopping and online payment, this certificate will help to raise the credibility in the eyes of visitors.

Site Information

  • Page load Time: normal (0,29 sec.)
  • Page Size: 38 KB.
  • Encoding: UTF-8
  • Register banned in Russia sites: no




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    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
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    Disallow: /redirect/
    Disallow: /scripts/redirect.php/
    Disallow: /index.php/
    Allow: /index.php/cod.cookies_usage_advisor/
    Allow: /index.php/cod.get_premium/
    Allow: /index.php/cod.get_similars_popup/
    Allow: /index.php/cod.get_main_email_domains/
    Disallow: /rd/
    Disallow: /rss/
    Disallow: /listing/
    # Crawlers that are kind enough to obey, but which we'd rather not have
    # unless they're feeding search engines.
    User-agent: UbiCrawler
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    # Some bots are known to be trouble, particularly those designed to copy
    # entire sites. Please obey robots.txt.
    Disallow: /
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    User-agent: ZyBORG
    Disallow: /
    User-agent: Download Ninja
    Disallow: /
    # Sorry, wget in its recursive mode is a frequent problem.
    # Please read the man page and use it properly; there is a
    # --wait option you can use to set the delay between hits,
    # for instance.
    User-agent: wget
    Disallow: /
    # The 'grub' distributed client has been *very* poorly behaved.
    User-agent: grub-client
    Disallow: /
    # Doesn't follow robots.txt anyway, but...
    User-agent: k2spider
    Disallow: /
    # Hits many times per second, not acceptable
    User-agent: NPBot
    Disallow: /
    # A capture bot, downloads gazillions of pages with no public benefit
    User-agent: WebReaper
    Disallow: /
    User-agent: psbot
    Disallow: /
    User-agent: Exabot
    Disallow: /
    User-agent: Speedy
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    User-agent: dotbot
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    User-agent: Bloglines/3.1
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    User-agent: cityreview
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